Razor Dirt Quad

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We purchased a Razor Dirt Quad and Razor electric scooter for my children for Christmas.Neither one has worked...straight out of the box.

We contacted Razor and they have been absolutely useless. They refuse to take the product back. They have given us the run around after multiple phone calls and emails, sent us new parts which we have spent several hours replacing and guess what, they still dont work. They told me I have to return it to the store although there are at least three tags on each product that clearly state not to return it to the store.

Don't buy Razor products.The company does not stand behind their horrible products and I am out $700.00.

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Razor Dirt Quad - Dirt Quad by Razor

Columbia, South Carolina 1 comment
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We bought our a son a Razor Dirt Quad for Christmas the battary has no liffe to get and they will not replace it. we paid almost

500.00 for it and all they tell me is that we will have to pay the 55.00 dollars to replace the battary. which is not right.

why do these big companys think that can walk all over people.

I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER RAZOR PRODUCT AGAIN MY SON WILL HAVE THE REAL 4 WHEELER off of her to go buy him the real thing my only word is never buy from this company again

diane mcc

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Did you charge it a full 18 hours? I've never had a problem with them and I've bought 9 of their products.

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